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School Code (Board) : 1250 | EIIN : 107843

Message from Chairman

Brigadier General Md. Sayeed Siddiki, BSP, awc, psc

Adamjee Cantonment Public School stands today as one of the best educational institutions in the country. Over the time, this fabled institution has made its mark in the arena of education of Bangladesh. Many of its alumni have brilliantly placed themselves in every walk of life both at home and abroad. I am certain that, current students will also make their contribution in taking the country to a newer height. A team of highly inspired and skilled teachers, along with strong administration, inclusion of technology are constantly engrossed in preparing our future leaders. I fervently believe, this prestigious institution will persistently pursue its goal of maintaining a high standard of education. May ALLAH bless us all.

Brigadier General Md. Sayeed Siddiki, BSP, awc, psc
Adamjee Cantonment Public School
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